cocd 08.14

74 minute cd-r

original pieces composed performed produced by christopher orczy

christchurch new zealand august 2004 - july 2005

released 10 november 2005


Midway through the Harmonium Diaries series, I became interested in the idea of a reconstruction album. Through promoting the series on a few music forums, I became fortunate enough to meet the above artists, and even more fortunate for them to agree to take part in the project. Each artist was given one album, and there were no restrictions on what they could do. Receiving these reconstructions over the ensuing months was a fascinating exercise for me; it was like listeing to my music through someone else's ears.


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01 lady mouse august reconstruction by trillion

02 a rain of grains  september reconstruction by michael peters

03 a little flower in october  october reconstruction by zimiamvian night

04 ceremony november reconstruction by igneous flame

05 red storm after midnight  december reconstruction by michael chocholak

06 sunday at the north sea  january reconstruction by cryptic scenery

07 endless green mmx  february reconstruction by milieu

08 the eldenwhale march  march reconstruction by plant

09 how to remember  april reconstruction by stein grebstad

10 what is the point of all this  may reconstruction by mosca

11 insomnia june reconstruction by jbible

12 we slip  july reconstruction by blues blues blues carnage

13 11 years  august reconstruction by djmbs



"Following on from his mammoth Harmonium Diaries series Christopher Orczy self-releases two more albums. The first is Some Days a selection of cuts from each of the months of the Diaries albums, which I'm not going to get into. The second is the rather more interesting Altered Days that sees Orczy's work given the remix/ reconstruction treatment. This probably didn't come about in the 'glamorous artists getting heavily drunk throwing challenging ideas across the table at each other and then having to back up said boasts the next day' fashion, but rather from behind computer screens. Whatever, the end result has breathed new life into the Cantabrian's sketches; it's mostly spatial and gentle electronic flourishes leading them to a more varied and (let's face it) commercial plateau. 'What is the point of all this', the May reconstruction by Mosca could almost be a single had it not been nearly eight minutes and Milieu's February reconstruction ('Endless Green MMX') has great use of looped nature sounds beneath the harmonium and processed beats. Altered Days is a welcome epilogue  "

Adrian Osman, Real Groove, Issue 146, March 2006