cocd 08.01

51 minute cd-r

composed performed produced by christopher orczy

christchurch new zealand august 2004

released 22 October 2004


01 saturday 7 a     
02 saturday 7 b     
03 monday 9        
04 tuesday 10 a    
05 tuesday 10 b    
06 tuesday 10 c     
07 friday 13         
08 sunday 15
09 monday 16
10 tuesday 17
11 wednesday 18
12 thursday 19 a
13 thursday 19 b
14 friday 20 a
15 friday 20 b
16 sunday 22 a
17 sunday 22 b
18 monday 23
19 tuesday 24
20 wednesday 25
21 thursday 26 a
22 thursday 26 b
23 friday 27
24 saturday 28
25 monday 30
26 tuesday 31

In August of 2004, my mother-in-law came to stay with us for 10 days. This effectively meant a holiday for me, as I would have this time off from looking after Ivy. I decided that the best use of this time was to record an album, or at least write some material for further work. At the end of this holiday, I had 7 or so pieces that I liked, but I couldn't see any way of working on them further, nor, I realised, did I want to. I liked them as they were: live recordings, on the spot, no nonsense. It dawned on me that I could fit this way of working into my normal routine (albeit with difficulty at times). I continued for a further week, and it became clear to me that something bigger than "a few pieces" was happening. I sensed a process and a form in which these little narratives, atmospheres and scenes could exist. "Harmonium Diaries" was born.


"After recording a handful of albums in the mid-'90s, Christopher Orczy completed a music degree in 2002 and the fruits of this experience have now bloomed into the self-released August. Each of the twenty-six 'songs' are entitled their respective recording day of the week and date, which is an analytical concept if not an intriguing one. The 'songs' themselves are like mini scores to irony-free ghost films; as shards of ambient noise from a Parisian harmonium they don't encompass as individual segments, it's only when taken in larger doses that the trapdoor opens. One can envisage any number of seductive scenarios following the (at times barely) audible slithers produced by Orczy. It's an album that points at what's to come on September and October but rather disappointingly doesn't (dramatically speaking) progress through its own month, considering its chronology and the opportunity presented."  

Adrian Osman, Real Groove, Issue 133, December 2004/ January 2005