Born July 3rd,1972, Christchurch, New Zealand

1991 First compositions (June-July) compiled on tape  (Bass Guitar, Drum Machine). Form band Acolyte with Jeremy Orczy (synthesizer) and Andrew McIntyre (guitar). Band lasts a few months, with only one recorded piece. Later works in the year use analog synthesizers. This period has been compiled together to make

1992 Solo Bass compositions using a similar delay system to Robert Fripp in his Frippertronics, and processed television sounds. The best of these works were compiled together to make Televisual and  EROSION (unreleased demos under the name of Fracture). The rest of the year is taken up with fruitless excursions into sample based pieces. A compilation tape was made for the "Core" party on News Years Eve.

1993 First keyboard only works. By this stage, I had acquired a sizable collection of analog synthesizers, a Rhodes Electric Piano and a Mellotron. First live performance at Canterbury University Orientation. TRIANON, a 20 minute cassette released under the name Chris Prentice. Utilizes Mellotron, analog synthesizers and a drum machine. Sort of like a Hungarian Laibach without the singing. Recordings after this take on a more electronic and ambient feel. These pieces were for an intended album that forwent release due to financial constraints. The album is now available as  EDGE OF THE PARK. Perform a keyboard solo for Cinematic on their eponymous debut album.

1994 Second live performance, again at Canterbury University Orientation. Second release METAMORPHOSIS, a 40 minute cassette under the name Chris Prentice . Uses only Sequential Circuits analog synthesizers. Heavily influenced by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream. Perform at a "chill out" room at the "" rave.  First visit to Europe (Holland, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Germany)

1995 Change to digital synthesizers. Third release ORDER, 45 minute CD under the name Chris Prentice.

1996 Formed "Merge" with Howard (Drums, Guitar, Bass) and Sophie (Vocals, Bass). Perform live at various cafés in Christchurch. Dissolve band, continue café gigs solo.

1997 Second visit to Europe (Holland, Hungary, England and Japan). A few pieces recorded in an aborted concept album based on the Tarot (!)

1998 Second Enochian work (now lost due to battery failure). Fifth release LOST, a 45+ minute cassette never makes to shops.

1999 First year of Mus.B (Compostion) at Canterbury University. Tutor was Chris Cree-Brown. Several Chamber pieces of varying merit, and This work was completely composed on computer, and segments played at the School of Music end of year concert.

2000 Second year of Mus.B (Compostion). Tutor was John Cousins. Several songs for soprano and piano, one of which When I have Fears... was performed by Helen Acheson (Soprano) and Clemency Gilmour (Piano) at the School of Music's end of year concert. Other works for the year were electro-acoustic.

2001 Third year of Mus.B (Compostion). Tutor was Elaine Dobson. XII Songs for Soprano and Piano. This song cycle was performed in its entirety by Helen Acheson (Soprano) and Clemency Gilmour (Piano) at a joint concert with Mark Dalrymple. This performance, as well as two songs recorded the previous year have been released on SONGS FOR SOPRANO AND PIANO.

2002 Fourth year Mus.B (Compostion). Tutor was John Cousins. Only one electro-acoustic piece Silent Head, 26 minutes. This piece, as well as two other electro-acoustic works realised in 2000 are available on THE BUNKER

2003 My partner Sarah gives birth to our daughter Ivy. Only one piece, Integration, 60+ minutes, composed on computer. Work started on a third, as yet unfinished Enochian series, "Heptarchia Mystica"

2004 The first five albums of HARMONIUM DIARIES are recorded

2005 The Harmonium Diaries are completed in July, with SOME DAYS and ALTERED DAYS albums following.

2006  Sarah and I get married in March, photography and matetial recorded at this time ends up creating TRANSITION. Perform live supporting Casionova, Frase and Bri, and Get Set Play! in July. Outtakes from HARMONIUM DIARIES are compiled to make LOST DAYS.