cocd 08.05

48 minute cd-r

composed performed produced by christopher orczy

christchurch new zealand december 2004

released 11 March 2005


Upon returning from Australia, I set back to work on the series. Initially, things started off in a similar vein to that of November. By the second week of recording, a major technical breakthrough occured, as may be evidenced in monday 13 c. The piece goes through several changes, and for the first time, the melodies are brought through in the upper registers. December is one of the more emotive albums in the series, at time even sentimental (sort of). The final part (14-19) is a strong end sequence that is quite unified, several pieces using variations on the same theme, and similar tone colours. I recommend december as a good starting point.


01 tuesday 7 a
02 tuesday 7 b
03 wednesday 8
04 sunday 12
05 monday 13 a
06 monday 13 b
07 monday 13 c
08 thursday 16
09 friday 17
10 tuesday 21
11 wednesday 22
12 friday 24 a
13 friday 24 b
14 sunday 26 a
15 sunday 26 b
16 sunday 26 c
17 monday 27
18 thursday 30 a
19 thursday 30 b


"Dear Mr Orczy of Christchurch, Thank you for sending us your latest monthly installment of your improvised harmonium recordings from The Harmonium Diaries. While I admire your drive in producing an album a month, I must say I am yet to find a suitable time to play them. At home, my guests freaked out. At work, it freaked me out. On the motorway in the dead of night - even the elderly occupants of a passing Honda City scared the bejesus out of me. I am starting to think there is a psychological thriller in production somewhere out there that could use your help with the soundtrack. Best of luck."

Narelle Jackson, Rip It Up #305, June / July 2005


"'December' is the more appropriate for the curious, as it's more musical and melodic - like a series of chilly waves reaching out to you -"

Adrian Osman, Real Groove, Issue 139, July 2005