cocd 04

40 minute cd-r

Composed Performed Produced by Christopher Orczy

Recorded Christchurch New Zealand June-November 1993

Previously unreleased




01 Through the last door

02 Last seen

03 Unknown entry

04  w- J.T

05 Joe and Klaus meet in NYC, 1988

06 Jealousy

07 July 1991

10 -

11 Tuesday

12 The sound at the edge of the park

13 Pillow


The pieces on this were recorded directly after TRIANON, and just before METAMORPHOSIS. In fact it was these pieces that started the archive process. I found an old compilation containing just these pieces, and I was surprised by how much I liked some of them. Some of these works are amongst the most "ambient" pieces I have ever done. Of course some were pretty average, but the better ones were, on reflection better than anything on either the two surrounding releases. Why these weren't released at the time, I don't understand.

Theses pieces would be the last time I used a bass guitar, which is used solely as an atmospheric instrument. The Rhodes electric piano makes a strong presence on many tracks, The Prophet T-8 arrives here. It would make it's presence felt more strongly on METAMORPHOSIS.

In compiling this album, I have left them in the order they were originally recorded. Most of the pieces have their original titles intact, but others unfortunately were never named.

The title is a reference to where they were all recorded. I was living in a flat on the north-east edge of Hagley Park. I would walk through this section everyday on my way to work, listening to these newly recorded pieces on my walkman.



Bass guitar

Sequential Circuits Prophet T-8

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Sequential Circuits Six-trak

Sequential Circuits Drumtrax

Rhodes Electric Piano

Korg MS-20


Recorded on a Fostex X-28 4 Track