cocd 02

45 minute cd-r

Composed Performed Produced by Christopher Orczy

Christchurch New Zealand March-April 1992

Previously unreleased other than as demonstration recording





01 Intro: Erosion 1

02 Cartoon 6

03 Macavity

04 Slug (Gastropod Mollusc)

05 Outro: Erosion 2



Following on from Lucifuge etc, I had started to use the name "Fracture" instead of my own. I became entranced with Frippertronics. I wanted to do something similar with a bass guitar. The results of this were Televisual and Erosion. Both of these were sent to magazines and a couple of labels (!) as a demo recoding. Televisual even got a mention in Rip It Up! As the process was the same for both, I have thought it best to combine the best parts of both onto a single cd-r.

Both demos used two elements: processed tv recordings and a bas guitar delay system to create slow decaying loops. By Erosion, the TV recordings had become a smaller part of the work, and the pieces were generally multi tracked bass guitar.