cocd 08.06

47 minute cd-r

composed performed produced by christopher orczy

christchurch new zealand january 2005

released 8 April 2005


01. sunday 2 a
02. sunday 2 b
03. sunday 2 c
04. monday 3
05. thursday 6
06. saturday 8
07. sunday 9
08. monday 10 a
09. monday 10 b
10. saturday 15 a
11. saturday 15 b
12. tuesday 18
13. wednesday 19
14. saturday 22 a
15. saturday 22 b
16. sunday 23
17. wednesday 26
18. saturday 29
19. sunday 30 a
20. sunday 30 b

January was the first month since october that I had the full amount of time to use. This, allied with a pre-occupation with the music of Delius, Vaughan Williams, Moeran and Lambert led to a more melodic and larger quantity of pieces than previously encountered. During the recording, I became aware of the need to attempt longer pieces. These two attempts proved fruitless, with neither ending up on the finished album. This was the hardest album to compile, due to the larger amount of pieces, and by conflicting moods. On one hand, there is a lightening of feel (Delius's influence, I suspect), while other elements seemed be moving into a more abstract area, with less structure and motivic development. I attempted to balance these two qualities to make a cohesive whole. All in all, I think january is a strong collection, and the hot afternoons conveyed by the cover image, find their equal within many of the pieces.


"'January' (the halfway mark in the series) is a harder working recording, a bloomer that ultimately rewards more on repeat plays through its stark, stained windows, which offer the odd glimpse of the Cantabrians soul."

Adrian Osman, Real Groove, Issue 139, July 2005