THE HARMONIUM a little sub-site I am creating about the history, music, and performers of the harmonium.

CRYPTIC SCENERY the site of German musician Christian H. Sötemann. Quality works from a career starting in 1994, Highly recommended

IGNEOUS FLAME The site of Igneous Flame (aka Pete Kelly).

MICHAEL PETERS The site of German ambient musician Michael Peters.

ELECTRO-MUSIC A fantastic forum covering all aspects of electronic music

EXPERIMEDIA   A very friendly forum and net label

THE AMBIENT WAY This is a great forum to find out about new releases, opinions and happenings on ambient music.

HYPNOS FORUM A forum for Hypnos and it's sub-labels, also ambient discussion

AMBIENT VISIONS A great site for reviews, article and interviews on ambient, space and new age music.

EM FORUM a great place to discuss classic, retro, and new electronic and ambient music