cocd 07

42 minute cd-r

Composed Performed Produced by Christopher Orczy

Recorded in Christchurch Summer 1998

Private release as a cassette under the name of Chris Prentice.




01 a premonition

02 loss

03 a recollection

04 dawn

05 purgatory

06 sunday after brighton pier


Upon returning from a second, this time, longer, European trip, I attended teachers college, with the intent of becoming a primary school teacher. After the dismal artistic and commercial failure of ENOCHIA #1: THE WATCHTOWER OF EARTH, I had pretty much given up on the idea of a "career" in music. Fortunately for me, a couple of people came into my life and their influence, whether purposefully or no, led to the creation of LOST. At the end of the school year, I had come out of a terrible relationship, and was (looking back) very depressed. I didn't leave my house for weeks, and very barely left the couch. Eventually, I sorted myself out, and decided I needed to put this despondency into some music. The factor that I hadn't considered was that other than a couple of pieces at the end of 1997, I hadn't composed anything since ORDER (the Enochian stuff is a very different process). What was interesting was how my natural style regressed back to METAMORPHOSIS in an odd way, and in some ways, LOST may be looked at as a sequel to that album. The end result of the recording of this album was that I decided that I wanted to learn more about music, and enrolled at The School of Music at Canterbury University. Unfortunately for LOST, I became to busy to release it publicly. Only a few copies were given to friends and papers.


The centrepiece of the album is "Loss", a 20+ minute piece in a similar vein to Metamorphosis 1, with the exception that "loss" is a single piece, not several movements joined together. The sound of the album is more singular, more imitative of orchestral sounds (strings, brass, woodwind), something the Wavestation EX could do a (relatively) good job with. The most successful piece is "Sunday, after Brighton Pier". I still really like this piece, and it's feel still echoes through my work today.



Korg Wavestation EX

Recorded on a Fostex X-28 4 Track