cocd 08.04

49 minute cd-r

composed performed produced by christopher orczy

christchurch new zealand november 2004

released 11 February 2005


November is an album of two halves in many ways. To me, there are two beginnings, and two endings, with monday 15 a being the second start. This album was ended before the month was over due to a visit to Australia, and I was very concerned that I may not have been able to compile a complete album. In the end, it was fine, and a whole album it ended up being. I have very mixed feelings about November. Coming after what I personally regard as a strong album, november was in the end a bit of a let down. The sound is a bit dusty, and a bit more monochromatic. To be fair, it does contain some fine pieces, and big hints of what was to come on the latter albums in the case of friday 26.




01 tuesday 2 a
02 tuesday 2 b
03 wednesday 3
04 thursday 4 a
05 thursday 4 b
06 friday 5
07 saturday 6
08 saturday 13 a
09 saturday 13 b
10 saturday 13 c
11 monday 15 a
12 monday 15 b
13 tuesday 16 a
tuesday 16 b
15 wednesday 17
16 saturday 20 a
17 saturday 20 b
18 monday 22
19 wednesday 24
20 friday 26


"The gentler November is a consolidation of the three earlier albums, sonically it is (of course) close to identical, but mood is where the element of representation is eked-out. November may have the most brash cover design of the series but it's less like that in its delivery, more like an unconscious preparation for an upcoming dawn."

Adrian Osman, Real Groove Issue135, March 2005