cocd 08.02

48 minute cd-r

composed performed produced by christopher orczy

christchurch new zealand september 2004

released 19 November  2004


After the completion of august I commenced the next month with both confidence and trepidation. After listening to the first 3 days pieces, I was very concerned. I wasn't hearing much that I liked, and I felt that maybe the project (as I thought of it by then) was prematurely over. Fortunately, I had arranged to meet up with John Cousins, my tutor from when I was at university. I played him the finished copy of august, and his positive comments encouraged me to continue with the work. The piece I recorded after this was monday 6, what I felt was a great leap forward: the tightness of the construction, and the level of dynamics made this piece very dramatic, yet still "ambient". The album continued, with several such confidence issues, although on it's completion, I knew I had created an album that was superior to it's predecesor.  The final four pieces are a sequence I am particularly proud of. After mixing tuesday 28 c, I knew I had the final piece for the album, and the final two days of recording were never going to be needed.


01 wednesday 1
monday 6
03 tuesday 7
04 wednesday 8 a
05 wednesday 8 b
06 friday 10 a
07 friday 10 b
08 saturday 11
09 sunday 12 a
10 sunday 12 b
11 tuesday 14 a
12 tuesday 14 b
13 tuesday 14 c
14 wednesday 15
15 friday 17
16 saturday 18
17 tuesday 21 a
18 tuesday 21 b
19 wednesday 22
20 thursday 23
21 friday 24 a
22 friday 24 b
23 monday 27
24 tuesday 28 a
25 tuesday 28 b
26 tuesday 28 c


"Following on from last issues August set, Christopher Orczy has his new self released album September out. It's pretty difficult to pick out any variance between the two, I mean it's still ambient/ minimalist harmonium, isn't it? Still set to a diary format and still with Christopher's silver birch on the cover. Which isn't to discredit the work, there are again vast clutches of warmth and desire for expression. And going by some of the other ambient artists whose albums have crossed my path of late, you could do way worse."

Adrian Osman, Real Groove Issue 134, February 2005

"Somewhere in Christchurch, everyday of the week, Christopher Orczy is making improvised harmonium recordings. These instrumental musings are each named by day and date, and an album of selected tracks prepared monthly. Oh, how home recording has revolutionised the music world. On his website, Orczy laments the lack of interest generated by his previous recordings - perhaps not the best example of self-promotion. This sort of offering will never be destined for the mass market, and for many people it will sound like a slightly creepy soundtrack, missing the movie itself."

Narelle Jackson, Rip It Up #303, Feb/ March 2005