cocd 09

77 minute cd-r

Composed Performed Produced by Christopher Orczy

Christchurch New Zealand August - September  2006

Mastered by Daniel Batkin-Smith @ eep! studios


The genesis of TRANSITION was a complex one. In August, I started to work with some material that I had recorded in March for an album to be entitled METAMORPHOSIS 2. I started to work with the fragments, with the idea of creating 2 pieces with the same structure as the earlier (1994) METAMORPHOSIS. As is often the case, the material was actually wanting to do something different. I was trying to join fragments together, but they wanted to stay on their own. Eventually I left them on their own, and the first 2 pieces (Presentiment and Consolation) were created. After listening to these 2 pieces, I realised that only the beginning and ending of a "story" were present. The two middle pieces were needed to complete the transition.



A great forboding








An acceptance of what has occurred








Some timely help. It is time to say goodbye to the old way.








The new state.






TRANSITION expands upon the soundworld of the HARMONIUM DIARIES albums, with the harmonium being processed in more expansive ways. The album is also a more focused affair, with each piece sharing a similar structure and also melodic themes.





01 Presentiment

02 Equanimity

03 Intercession

04 Consolation